Capturing the Stars
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A general master-post of my characters that are part of a personal comic project called "Capturing the stars"
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Gael - Aug. 15
Leo - ♀
5'5 (165 cm)

Gael is a perusing artist who dreams of painting her life away. She currently lives with her older brother Angel.

She's childhood friends with Lavina and unexpectedly fell in love with her when they attended highschool. She wants her relationship with Lavina to expand futher than friendship but she's too worried that it might break it.

Gael has a close friendship with Miles, she could consider him a brother from another mother. being able to communicate with each other their own problems and lean on each other's backs

Lavina - May 8
Taurus - ♀
5'1 (155 cm)

Lavina is a starry eyed thespian who will do anything to get what she wants. She comes from a family of stage actors and strives to be a star on screen.

She is Gael's best friend and wouldn't do anything without her. she has a massive crush on Constantine but is too mousy to do anything about it

Lavina respects and cares for Miles but hates it when he's overwhelming. She sees him as a stickler with a voice of a nightingale

Miles - January 26
Aquarius - ♂
6'2 (188 cm)

Miles is an online school student who works too hard in his Family owned cafe. He always puts family and his best friends first. He's considered the "mom" friend of the group and keeps everyone glued together. despite his busy work schedule he has contact with many people who pass by his cafe. he loves coffee but he somehow sleeps more than he has to. He's not too keen with being in a relationship but he can give a good opinion.

Constantine - March 29
Aries - ♂
5'6 (167 cm)

he play basket ball

Cain - Oct. 29
Scorpio - ♂
6' (183 cm)

He fixes cars and works out

Calder - March 4
Pisces - ♂
6'1 (185 cm)

He dances and plays around

Serena - Sep. 18
Virgo - ♀
5'9 (175 cm)

garden goddess

Diana - June 25
Cancer - ♀
4'11 (149 cm)

aspiring gremlin author

Trip - Jan. 8
Capricorn - ♂
5'4 (162 cm)

this character hasn't been updated pls excuse the old drawing

music boy

Adrian - Dec. 2
Sagittarius - ♂
6'3 (190 cm)

vintage photography boy

Piper - Oct. 3
Libra - ♀
5'6 (167 cm)

this character hasn't been updated pls excuse the old drawing

tennis monster and party animal

Viola - June 11
Gemini - ♀
5'8 (172 cm)

this character hasn't been updated pls excuse the old drawing

witchy pretzel

Angel - 31 - April 7 - ♂
5' 8 (172 cm)

sleepy nurse, Gael's Brother

D.J. - 29 - July 19 - ♀
5'5 (165 cm)

edgy buff cosmotologist, Cain's Cousin